16 May 2011

Krs camp.

Had a tough weekend huh. The camp was fun indeed, although the helpers were being unfair judging us. Out of 5 girl staff sergeant 4 of them are from their school. Of course it's normal, luckily i still get the sergeant pose. We get to sleep together with my account teacher. The water there was like shit water, so yellow-ish. The camp was big, there is a river ( Hwang ho) beside the hall, i believe that our water they get from the river, including our beverage and bath water. We all declined the offer to go to the negeri camp, it will be suffocating if we go to the camp. Well, i need to focus on my exam now, physics on wednesday! D:

10 May 2011

Bloody exam comes again and again.

Just finished my English paper and Sejarah paper 1 today. What makes me worry now is i wrote something romantic in the continuous writing. Something like love story. :) I totally forgot that my English teacher is kinda insane sometimes. Uh, just forget about it. I get overwhelmed everytime i write.
BM paper was hard. -_- I was rushing all the time. Hmm, I'm going to camp kenaikan pangkat this Friday which clash my mathematics exam. Well, i think i'm lucky uh? Perhaps can get the tips after i come back. Hehe. Teacher's day on Monday. Another boring day, it would be waste of time if i go to school. But, there's choir performance on that day. Isn't life shit sometimes?

15 March 2011

Sueyi's sweet 16. :)

Went to easy cafe to celebrate sueyi's birthday last saturday. We had a blast that night. :)

05 March 2011

Pi cha boooooooooom..

I don’t know how much longer I can go on. I’m a very sick person and I need help, but there’s none forthcoming. I hate myself and I want to die. I am an abject failure on every imaginable level. I’m a joke and my mind doesn’t function properly anymore. Just now trying to write that last sentence, I had another one of those terrible feelings I have that I can’t put into words. I don’t know what the emotion is, I really don’t. It might be anger and frustration at a level that I can barely handle. Helplessness.:(

28 February 2011

Tired, yet happy.

I went out at 7am and came back at 8pm today. Wearing the school uniform for 13 hours. This is so awesome isn't it? My so-called hectic life. :)
I need love, you need love, we all really need love! :)

27 February 2011


I went to school's Annual General Meeting of PIBG which was held yesterday in the school hall for caklempong performance,precisely. I reached school around 8.15am,then start our rehearsal. Around 10+, we were called to get prepared. We get on the stage as usual, and performed it. The performance was a great success although the guitarist experienced some technical difficulties. D: However i feel indifferent, perhaps because i had been doing this for times, standing on the same place, same background, playing the same song. Lastly, i would like to thank the Perak Sultan for giving us epic ugly, big dress. :)

Music makes my world go round__