26 July 2010

People change.

I dont care anymore. I use to care bout you but now your just a faded memory. We were best friends. I would tell you everything. Then suddenly we no longer were close. I use to ask myself what happened but I dont care anymore. I am so sick of your bullshit. Your not who i thought you were. Your two faced and I cant trust you anymore. All the funny pictures, the videos, the secrets, the stupid little fights, the arguing,the sneaking out to chill, the movies we saw, the memories they're all just a faded memory. I found new friends. Who actually care. They appreciate me. They dont act like my friend at one point and then total bitches the next. This isnt about him, and this isnt about them. its about what we use to be. Give me as many looks as you want. Look sad. I dont care. You're not a important to me. Your heart can be broken one hundred times and i will stare blankly at you as if you were never anything to me. You made a choice. Good for you. You're not a friend or a best friend. You're nothing to me. What we were is no more. I dont care .