26 March 2010

i've been not blogging quiet long.. because of my laziness..
my fellow friends have been 'forcing' me to update..==
FIRST!i wanna congratulate weiyee..Happy one year anniversary to you^^
This recently..many bad things happened..
i'm kinda frustrating and reluctant to accept it..=.=''
when tuition also tio teacher zat..
but..still, i managed to throw away all the sad thingy..
just wanna thank my friend for comforting me..
im still thinking what birthday present to gift to my friends..
any idea?==
Huh..my friends told me that they want to celebrate celebrate their birthday at genting at nov..
including mine la..
But the problem is..if all celebrate together..who's going to PAY?
maybe sueyi only?..LOL!
They are planning to wear boots also..
i'm just going to borrow it from miin..
she got about 10pairs of boots for me to choose..LOL!
the funniest thing is nancy also din have boot..
if she's going to genting..she got to wear it also..
they decided to let her wear the KRS boot..=.=''
then when they going in the ghost house..
the 'sound' produce by the boot will scare the ghost..
It's too early for us to plan such things~
they're making me more and more excited..
My sis went to ipoh today for caklempong persembahan..
it's the first time for her to go to such big function since cikgu isa left..
she's soo happy with it..lolz
i guess "she" also very happy now..==
finally get what she wants..
im GOING TO show my passionate..LOL!
to win her..just like what shien said..
let's see..who's the winner!