30 December 2009

good news for 2muzik students!

Just now i received a message from pei zhi..
she told me that LIOW..is NO LONGER...
next year our new class teacher is an indian teacher..
im not sure what's her name..
AS LONG AS LIOW is not our class teacher..
i don't care who is she..HAHAHAHHAHA
Got to celebrate later!!..buy champagne!!..
this year im the bendahari of my class..
that liow took our class money..
she didn't give it back to ME!!..
she's just so so soooo.....
i paid so many money this year..
she use it not even half...==

just now i went to school for choir practice..
suddenly..i felt dizzy..
while i walking out to the school..
the pavement is just just soooo long...
im nearly going to faint that time..
it's too hot there...and everything i saw blur blur already..
after reach home..i ate medicine..
my head just bloody pain..like 1thousands of ant bitting me..
i just can't sleep...
It's better now..
my body always so weak..easy to fell sick..
just hope it will be better and better soon....

29 December 2009

nice song..

yesterday..really tired..woke up at around 8..
then went to school for choir..after that piano lesson..
after that tuition again...
i have no time to rest!!~
after my piano lesson..i gotto rush my karangan..
after i finished the homeworks..then go to tuition...
teacher don't know put what syair song..!!
the song like..err
60-an Malay song.....
i felt really sleepy when hearing that....
cant even understand what it say...><
luckily..teacher no time to teach the long essay...
still got to do 30 ayat...really hard..

Just now i went to school for choir practice..
after that went to pizza hut for lunch..
then cut my hair..
i wanted to cut my hair long long long time ago..
it's really messy and long!...
2009 gonna end soon..
2 more days!!
lets countdown..^^

28 December 2009

shopping at 1U

yesterday i went to shopping at 1U..
hmm..at first we planned to go to mid valley..
but the car GPS really weird..don't know bring us to where..
what turn left then turn left and left..
then we saw 1U..not at mid valley..
since we reach there..so dad decided to go 1U..
then we had our lunch at McD..
keyi and i ate the prosperity burger..really HOT~~
we saw the orchestra and the children singing the christmas song..
although they still a child..but really nice!..
walk walk walk whole day..
and bought present for bien~
shoes..pants..shirts..and many more..
reach home around 12..then straight jump to my bed~~~tired~~
later still got to tuition...homeworks!!!...
hate it!!!!~
chong there tuition gonna start soon...
i just need more rest..

26 December 2009


i went out to town..and theres no nobody at there!!
the whole town like..dead already..
really..like the wax house!!..XD
anyone got watch it?..the movie~~
kinda scary..~~
then my mum took me,keyi and keyang to billion there..
i wanted to buy my school uniform d..
but there's no sample..all the clothes put together..so we decided to go to TF..
well..i saw it the uniform...but no fitting room..==
the fitting room is inside market..while the clothes put at outside..
so i didn't buy lol..==
im just gonna buy it anywhere at tm la..
then yang bought some pants..
he really need to buy it..coz he didn't have much..><
then keyi and i went to pick the christmas card..
she want to give her friend...
at first we pick together..but then she started sms..
then i helped her pick pulak...==
while she standing there..~~
then we went back home at 6+


A. 被点到名字的要在自己的博客里写下自己的答案,

仍然组成20个问题, 传给其他8个人,

B. 这8个人要在自己的部落格裡註明是从哪裡接到的,


1.你的名字 - 加瑜

2.最近最鬱闷的事? - 不知道..

3.最受不了自己的哪个缺点? - 太自恋了~

4.遇到喜欢的人,你是勇敢表白还是默默关注?- 遇到了才讲..

5.说出点你名的人3个优点(不可删除题) -美丽,成熟..

6.以一个形容词形容点名的人的外表 - 不知道啦..=.=

7.你现在最想拥有的是什麼? - 钱!!!

8.什麼时候感觉最开心? - 去玩咯

9.恋人/老公/老婆让你最欣赏的优点是什麼? - no comment..=.=''


11.现在最想做的事? - 出去玩..我很闷..>.<


13.你为什麼要回答这些问题? - 爽咯=.=

14.你觉得点你名的这个人是什麼样的个性?- 傻婆一个..=P

15.什麼时候觉得孤独? - 被冷漠

16.最近一次掉眼泪是? - 切洋葱过后..XDD

17.请列出喜欢的饮料?- 白开水最好喝~

18.家人重要还是伴侣重要?- 家人

19.你希望点你名的人成为你的?- 朋友

20.你喜欢怎样的男生? -


24 December 2009

granny and my little cute cousin

last sunday me and my family decided to go to my granny's house for 4days..
first day..
keyi drive..
went to nibong tebal for lunch~
they ate OCTOPUS
they said its delicous..
but for me..i dont like seafood~
plus so wey~~~~~~~~
then we reach our granny's house about 4+
hmm...we spent our time watching tv..
but no internet~
quite boring...and we gamble all the time..
well..i won a lot~
coz im pro what~hahahahaha
hmm..then we made 'tang yuan'

i ate little only..coz too sweet la..sweet = fat?
and laksa everyday..
but..the laksa nice leh..and the curry mee too..
at there..i will never never hungry..

my stomach always full...==
all day eating only..
at wed night..my uncle came..
his baby really cute!!!!^^only four months
just now...keyi drive..something happened..


miin's birthday party

well,last sat i went to sueyi's house at 6..
preparing the present for miin..
actually her birthday already passed..
but since everyone was busy..so we delay the party.
after i reach sueyi's house..i was really hungry..
coz i havent eat my lunch~><>
ll cant think what to write at the paper... then they write something about 'gong xin ji' inside.. laugh dao me..~~~~~ after that miin come fetch us go bg.. well... can you imagine 8people inside one 5 seated car.. ==!!! but only a while la~ then eat lo~ well..miin cant finish her food.. so she....

18 December 2009


Last wed my sister and i went to ipoh..
for what??...
for extraction and bracing..
that day..the doctor said xinyi need extract 4 teeth..
while i only need extract 1 teeth..
well..that day the doctor only extract xinyi's 2 teeth..
it's like bloody pain...
but..pity me..
my teeth is baby teethe...
and the teeth is super small..
after the doctor inject some medicine..
then he tried to push out my teeth..
but..he just keep slipping..
coz my teeth to small to hold..
and keep changing the tools..
from big size to small size..
but he just cant push it out...
and ii keep bleeding
well..he success at last..
i was like..super pain..and a bit disgusted..=.="
after that xinyi's turn..
she extracted 2 tooth..
and next appointment 2 more..
pity her..2 tooth is enough for her to suffer..
2more...is like killing her...
plus need bracing...oohhh...
can't imagine~

after that we went to another clinic..
for my skin problem..
the doctor is an expert for the skin prob..
well im not sure what he's checking..
but he said my skin sensitive..
and some other prob..
then need to put medicine..
luckily..this time to need inject medicine at my...
waiting for the next appointment...
hope everything will be alright..

15 December 2009


yesterday night keyi(my sis) sent me a message..
she's taking the ACCA exam..it's pretty hard..
but..still not a problem for her..

she said that her exam sucks..and maybe will failed the paper..
i was shocked..coz her result always at top de..
she's not feeling well and the examination hall was too cold..
she wanted to cry lo..she scared if she fail the paper dad will be disappointed..
haiz...let's pray for her..^^
Dont' be upset Keyi!!!! cheer up :D

Yesterday while tuition-ing
don't know why suddenly teacher talk about dentist...
said how the doctor inject something..then PRAK!!
the teeth.......
my friend all laugh at me..==
im going to 'visit' dentist tomorrow at ipoh...
scary leh!!!~
later i will lose many blood..very dangerous right?!!..
hope it's not so pain...
or it's like the horror movie the dentist is a demon who collect teeth!!
cannot cannot!!!!...
don't want to think about it anymore!!!...
pray again~~~pray~~~

12 December 2009

Everlasting love

He wasn't looking for a pretty face

She wasn't searching for the latest style

He didn't want someone who walked straight off the TV

She needed someone with an interior smile

She wasn't looking for a cuddle in the back seat

He wasn't looking for a five minute thrill

She wasn't thinking of tomorrow or of next week

This vacancy he meant to permanently fill

I need an everlasting love

I need a friend and a lover divine

An everlasting precious love

Wait for it, wait for it, give it some time

Back in the world of disposable emotion

In the climate of temporary dreams

He wasn't looking for a notch on his bedpost

A love to push, pull and burst at the seams

This is love worth waiting for

Something special, something pure

This is love worth waiting for

Bitterness will die for sure

Something special, something pure

This is love worth waiting for

10 December 2009

jigsaw puzzle

that day i saw it..the jigsaw puzzle..
my brother's one..
it's BIGG..
got 1000pieces~
finally finish it yesterday~

08 December 2009

form3 books

Just now went to school bought form3 exercise books with sueyi, pake, and miin..
then after that we went to ego for breakfast..
here some pic.

Home sweet home

last sunday i went back to my dad's hometown for my cousin wedding...^^
when i reach there..GOSH!!
it was freaking HOT!!!~
i had my lunch..and i was sweating like...!!!
then suddenly many people came..
although they are my relatives..but i don't really know them..
never see them before o~
It's getting hotter and HOTTER!!~
the house like got 30-40 people inside..
some others still stand outside the shop there..
while there's only ONE fan..
oh..im breathless...want faint edi..
there were many kids too..
all still small..about 4-6 year-old..
then the bride came..^^
then the ceremony started..
ceremony ended..
we stay overnight there..
coz the wedding dinner is at the next day..
i met my cousin..
i was WOW!!~he's tall..
he's same age with my brother..
he's 184CM..
Then the next day i went my cousin's house at penang there..
his house really big..
and i like the colour..grey and white..
and some antique stuff..
then at 6+ we went to the restaurant..
then the dinner started at around 8+..
the place we sit was freaking COLD!!
the air conditional is just right beside me...
plus we drank ice beverages..
PLUS we ate ice-cream..
i was like..FREEZE..
Then we went back at around 10.45+
reach TM at 2+..
Im gonna miss my cousin..:D
especially ah min and ah wei..^^
Don't miss me ar..^^

02 December 2009

ai yeng.

yesterday went to blue garden meet ai yeng^^
me,sueyi,engmay and meimei only oo~
the others don't know say what got bad feelings...==
didn't come~
It's been a long time since we met~
about 1year+
She changed a lot~
about 9 we met..
then we chat and gossiping about our friends..
we talked about primary school stuff~
it was really memorable..when we think back all the stuff...
we was a child...and naive..
what have we have done when we're at standard six..
the doors..
all of us went to the principal's room..
the money we've paid..
and the last day of school..the day we graduated..
the windows..the chairs and the table we broke..
and the class..the spray..:)
then we chat till 11.45+ then went back home~

29 November 2009

Fun day~

Today went to sunway pyramid with my sis and dad at 10~
Then we went to the cinema and watch a movie
called "A Christmas Carol"^^
this movie a bit scary and funny at the end..
you all must try it..

(new moon rating now really bad)
so we didn't watch~lolx
try 3D if you all dare..if not just watch the normal one..=D
Then we saw the christmas deco~
behtahan then go snap some pic^^
i upload the photos at my facebook profile^^
after that lunch at bbq plaza~
first time eat something like that..
quite nice..but...
so many ingredients that have FATS!!!!!~
too fat~!~not really like the beef's taste~
haven't use to it~
after that shop lo~
i bought 1 book at MPH~
called 'The Undomestic Goddess'..it's a book by sophie kinsella~
who wrote the book 'confession of the shopaholic'
quite funny..now read about 4 chapter edi~
keyi recommended de...sure nice..^^
and my dad bought a GPS..
quite expensive leh~RM900+
don't know he bought it for what~
put at the car there~
want go where also can~won't lost~
Then xinyi saw a store FULL with GUITARS and DRUMS~
hohohho~she wanted me to buy for her for her next birthday~
but...haiz~no MONeY!!~
xinyi ar...you wait la~wait~
man man wait la~...
Then after buy other things we went back home~
too early..coz at 6 my dad got dinner~
Thats all~^^

27 November 2009

GOOD news~

To all who got tuition at Mr. Chai there..ATTENTION~
The tuition class gonna start at December^^
The time has come!!~
we stop the tuition class about half year ago..
because teacher was busy about the spm trial and pmr~
half year only..my bm drop like...****
He is an expert of BM!!~
He's also a munsyi DBP..^^
He's a really good teacher..no one is better than him^^
He's sound really LOUD~
AND~he really likes to tell us the story of Tg Malim a LOT..\
The way he smile...made us smile non stop^^
geng leh my teacher..hohoho
now he gonna teach us again^^YEAH~~!!
hope next year he doesn't teach us at school..
if not we gonna stop the tuition class again..

25 November 2009


i call you create!!~create!!~why you don't listen to me~
what hao ye bu hao ye...i don't care i don't care
if you dont create we terbalik muka la~
terbalik terbalik terbalik~
if not....kill you without mercy~

24 November 2009

Happy birthday~

Yesterday..choir practice as usual..
guess what.. we can sing the song lightly row all together edi..^^
although it's not that excellent...but we manage to sing a song in 2days..
quite good right?..^^
we just got to practice more then it will be perfect..=D
After choir practice...me,xinyi,angie,and chuan heng went to kfc eat~
they were really funny man~...i laugh till stomachache..^^
angie eat really slow...xinyi late 20min eat also eat faster than her.
then after that..we celebrate jee sing's birthday at kfc too..
i eat chicken again...fat fat~(joking joking)
and...advices for you..
Life isn't all beer and skittles.You can't play all day,you know it..
and im not sure if you misunderstood the meaning of the word or what...
you should go check at the dictionary..
and don't simply write that word..people will misunderstood..==
Words spoken in envy should not be taken seriously...
cool down..
and once again~
Happy Birthday Jee sing~
have a nice and memorable birthday..^^

22 November 2009

'ink drawing'~

Im not sure what's it calls..my sis just back from the camp..
see the pic she draw~



boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring



nothing to do!!!!!~~
one word BORING...

21 November 2009


today woke up at 9+..then have my breakfast..
of course..computer and my cafe world~
after that continue sleep till 3+~
then when i went in the study room
i saw a thick book~ eclipse~hohoho..
since im so bored so i read it lo~
quite nice d...~
going to finish reading it today..^^

New Moon!!!~

For Bella Swan, there is one thing more important than life itself: Edward Cullen. But being in love with a vampire is even more dangerous than Bella could ever have imagined. Edward has already rescued Bella from the clutches of one evil vampire, but now, as their daring relationship threatens all that is near and dear to them, they realize their troubles may be just beginning...

This movie is going to release on November 27,2009~~!! right here in Malaysia!!!~
OH!!~~can't wait for it~~

love~Taylor Lautner~~^^

choir practice

today morning woke up at 8~then online a while..
then while im bathing someone call me..==
the phone keep ringing...dillema!!~
then i jumped out from the bath room and take the phone..
4 missed calls~
then i looked at the clock..wow~
it's almost 9 edi~then i only realized i need walk to school..
but still i made it in time..^^
then our choir practice started~
im in the tenor part..it's quite easy to sing..
but..the malay girls just cant understand..and not taking serious in it..
pity my sis lo~teaching like that...still can be so patient~
if it's me im going to slap them till they get right...joking joking...
im elegant de..yaya..im elegant..
dun be harsh..yayayaya..
then practice about 3hours+...
practice till i sore throat edi..ate le 50capsule dequadin
the taste so bitter..ew~
but for my beautiful voice..so must eat it..
now it's better edi~
kays~that's all for today..

20 November 2009


today as usual we to the counseling room~wow it's dark inside~
when i walked inside the room~
wow~so many cell phone~
some of them bring speaker and psp...==
then at 4 we had our 2 music class jamuan..=D

sueyi's zilian photos~
others pic at facebook~
after the jamuan they all take away the food to the caunseling room~
for the other class students~
AND~the nugget really stinks...
im not sure it's half cook or what..it taste really bad~so i dumped it~
LOLX~luckily no one notice me~
and the french fries really SALTY!!!!!!!~
and the drinks...carbohydrates drinks without ices..
can you imagine that...and the kfc also..
so less~we pay so much for those food...
really not worth la~
then about 5:30 we went home~

My end year result~

chinese --70-- (improve edi~)
eng --83-- (ok la~)
melayu --68-- (1st time so low marks)
geo --72-- (o.O)
kh --70-- (improved)
math --71-- (my weakest sub)
pjk --68-- (this one.. never read)
moral --79-- (1more marks lol~)
music --80-- (careless mistakes~)
history --52-- (totally sucks)
sivik --73-- (1st time so low marks oso~)
science --89-- (highest lols~=D)


yesterday tuition..guess what..teacher taught us form4 things liao...
haven't PMR
can take SPM?
good also...can jump grade ar?
all about the 'gai shu' and ohters la~
It's not as hard as i think...some of the question we can do it..^^
then after finish tuition edi..i saw many PENGUINS??...
small and not cute d...all talkative one..
going choir FIRST practice later..and of course school after that..
going to take result later and have our class jamuan^^
upload some photos and my result later^^
wish me luck~so nervous

19 November 2009


today i went to school for choir thingy~
sueyi, weiyee and peizhi in the team edi!! yay~no need audition oso in..=D
then we had a choir brief meeting..
talking all about the time to practice for about ten mins..
it's so hot inside the music room...behtahan edi~
then...i saw a MAZDA!!~~!!gosh~
someone's bf come find her liao~hoho..pakto~
lolz~then me, sueyi and peizhi walk to mr chong's house for tuition..
then we walk till the small road there...
we saw





OMG!!~at first i don't scare d...
but the dogs keep barking and follow us!!GOSH!!!!!!
so scary!!!~then sueyi ride peizhi's bicycle run edi..
OH!!~left me and peizhi..
we didn't even dare to walk edi..
then a man who call the dog come bite us...
thank god nothing happen..if not ar...
mr.chong still laugh us..==
i will not ever ever ever ever ever ever walk to mr chong's house again..

end of form2.,

TIme passed extremely fast..today im going to end my form2 life..
It was a fun and enjoyable this year..
im having my great time with my hilarious friends..
and the teachers too..i want to thank them for teaching us so patiently..
especially Pn.Nora..she taught us Math and Geo..
im sure she suffer a lot for teaching our class..
because our class got too many Math 'white eat'..(mandarin translate)=D
so..we are going to a jamuan for class 2 muzik..to thank our beloved teacher..
this year..im lazy though..alwalys think i still got time..
wait tomorrow la~tomorrow..still got plenty of time ma~
consequently..i improve a 'lot'..from 18 to 17..from 17 to 16..
bad right..my result..UH!!..
This friday take result..hope its not so bad though..

Next year im form3..FORM3..you know~!??
need wake up early edi..to revise for my form1 and
form2 thingy~no la actually because im morning session student edi mah~xD
morning session...arghh!!~can bring pillow to school?..
10 months to go..
my target for PMR ar..must at least 5A...
NOW!!~It's time to be serious!!~
Let's go my friend..
Start our long and tiring journey~RUN~RUN~dash~dash
Who's the first get the prize~=D

17 November 2009


wish you good luck on your coming SPM~
don't be so stress and tension~
try to relax..^^
i will support you always..=D
Just now went to school for choir audition..
woohoo~guess what~
im selected~^^
haiya~no need so happy oso de~
kinda excited~
looking forward what to do next~^^

16 November 2009

school day

It was a rainy day today..
i went to school just to take the text book!!!!
its just so soo sooo sooooo boring arghhh~~~
and thanks to my friend for keeping all the new books for me..=D
then we went to bilik kaunseling..
for what???
to help low them arrange the book..
but since there have so many people helping so we just rest o~
wah..the sofa so comfortable la~
then we turn off the light and sleep~XD
time pass so slow~later, later and later..
we can even hear the clock ticking...
hmm~should i go the choir audition?..
should i go??hmm~
i said i wouldn't go,
but on second thought, i think i will
still considering~

13 November 2009

friend in need is a friend indeed

She done something wrong?why you all treat her like that..
you all still dare call her as 'friend'?
when she need you all the most, what you all doing?
gossip with friends or sleeping??!!!

i have no idea what you all thinking..
the one i trusted also do something like that?
im really dissapointed with your attitude..
if you all don't like it just say..no need to do something cruel like that..
now i really saw you all in ur true colours..
For pity's sake,LEAVE HER ALONE!!

11 November 2009

really 'touch'~

today went to school as usual...when i was playing cards with my friends..suddenly someone 'gao bai'...lol?guess who is it.i hesitated...sure rejected de la~coz this age not suitable to dating ma~im good student what~arghh..if you got read this blog leh..dun ever say that sentence to me again..== that's really embarassing..

09 November 2009

remember to treat me eat something~

today same as always lo~at school 'fa mou'...dunno who forget to do her kerja kayu call me help her do ar~she should thank me for helping her with my precious hand..im waiting for what you promised me~XD..2moro got a basketball competition..wish me luck..=D

you can't hide anymore~XD

08 November 2009

My new chinese teacher

That day he went in my class~
(translate to eng)

teacher: when i stepped in your class..i felt horrible..the table and chair are everywhere..you..pick the rubbish..and you put the table at the behind..see all the mess..your class should be clean and tidy so that you can study in a good condition..blabla about 15mins..

After a few minutes,some other people came in the class..

teacher: you guys..where you all go?sit down now..now i repeat the most important thing in class is cleanliness..(again,again and again...)
Finally the class started..

teacher: you all read the book 三国演义?
zien : yah..i read the bool..(he purposely do that)
teacher:good!!..then he started......dunno wat all about 'cao cao'=.=
After that,got other students went out to pulang the books..they thought no need to hear the boring story edi..but..when someone came back ..he said want to repeat the story AGAIN..wah..then all the boys find some reason to get out of the class~(so bad)AGAIN..AGAIN...class ended he still wanna continue talking~~~i hope next year he's not gonna teach us..>.<

My blog officially open today~

Hello~first time here,dunno what to write..hmm..Let's start it with introducing my friends~

sueyi (talented in music and queen of sms lolz)
nigel (has a good brain)
weiyee (sporty one)
miin (this one ar..speechless)
shemin (crazy one)
pz (the one i knew since i was a small baby)
js (chubby one)

Last friday, i got my chinese,sc ,bi,sej, and music paper..The marks okay lo..except the sej one!! i was so dissapointed to get so low marks..haiz..there's no teacher teaching us for half year edi~i was so lazy to touch the text book, mayb before exam only read a while..but..next year i got to work harder, HARDER, and HARDER..XD