26 July 2010

People change.

I dont care anymore. I use to care bout you but now your just a faded memory. We were best friends. I would tell you everything. Then suddenly we no longer were close. I use to ask myself what happened but I dont care anymore. I am so sick of your bullshit. Your not who i thought you were. Your two faced and I cant trust you anymore. All the funny pictures, the videos, the secrets, the stupid little fights, the arguing,the sneaking out to chill, the movies we saw, the memories they're all just a faded memory. I found new friends. Who actually care. They appreciate me. They dont act like my friend at one point and then total bitches the next. This isnt about him, and this isnt about them. its about what we use to be. Give me as many looks as you want. Look sad. I dont care. You're not a important to me. Your heart can be broken one hundred times and i will stare blankly at you as if you were never anything to me. You made a choice. Good for you. You're not a friend or a best friend. You're nothing to me. What we were is no more. I dont care .

26 March 2010

i've been not blogging quiet long.. because of my laziness..
my fellow friends have been 'forcing' me to update..==
FIRST!i wanna congratulate weiyee..Happy one year anniversary to you^^
This recently..many bad things happened..
i'm kinda frustrating and reluctant to accept it..=.=''
when tuition also tio teacher zat..
but..still, i managed to throw away all the sad thingy..
just wanna thank my friend for comforting me..
im still thinking what birthday present to gift to my friends..
any idea?==
Huh..my friends told me that they want to celebrate celebrate their birthday at genting at nov..
including mine la..
But the problem is..if all celebrate together..who's going to PAY?
maybe sueyi only?..LOL!
They are planning to wear boots also..
i'm just going to borrow it from miin..
she got about 10pairs of boots for me to choose..LOL!
the funniest thing is nancy also din have boot..
if she's going to genting..she got to wear it also..
they decided to let her wear the KRS boot..=.=''
then when they going in the ghost house..
the 'sound' produce by the boot will scare the ghost..
It's too early for us to plan such things~
they're making me more and more excited..
My sis went to ipoh today for caklempong persembahan..
it's the first time for her to go to such big function since cikgu isa left..
she's soo happy with it..lolz
i guess "she" also very happy now..==
finally get what she wants..
im GOING TO show my passionate..LOL!
to win her..just like what shien said..
let's see..who's the winner!

06 February 2010

Finally update!

hello again!..
it's quite a long time ago since i haven"t update my blog..
well,i was kinda busy doing things~
just now my school held a merentas desa competition..
hmm..sueyi also didn't go this time coz she got make appointment with the dentist..
so just left me,miin,pak and weiyee...
it's a pity that pak get 16!..she's kinda frustrated~
she wanted to get top 15 one..
while me?..hehe..
after running.. i still got to decorate my class 3A...really tried~~
after that i had my lunch at kfc..
i cut my hair..then balik kampung..

13 January 2010

uhh..long time no update blog already..
im quite busy these days..really really busy..
well..finally i done the buku log..
too many homework..and tuition.>.<~
i received a message from hotlink..
i was surprise lol..someone top up my phone..==
although it's only rm5..but im happy lo~
got free money wor..
then about 5mins later got one malay girl called me..
she said she top up the wrong num..!!...
then she wanted me to give back her that rm5.......
my mum talked to her..but she's just too...
she begged us to give back the money...=.=!!!
since im so kind..then i give back her money..XD
just now at school..while i doing the math exercises with my friends..
something happened..really fish..!!...
i also don't know why i said it..=.=!!

06 January 2010

today got bm period again..totally sucks!!..
when fei ji went in our class...
she started to scold the pengawas for late came in the class..
they went in the class around 11..it's not too late for who jaga the pagar there..
but she just cant stop scolding people..
when she's teaching the tatabahasa..i was going to sleep..
it was just so boring and cold there..
just when the class left ten min..
i was relief that today we have no homework..
but suddenly she gave us many homework..and said need to finish it by 10 min..==
after that we had a mesyuarat agong for rumah sukan..
the weather just soo hot!..
but i guess the plan going to...

05 January 2010


first day school..
tons of homeworks..
second day school..
tons of homework..
today teacher taught us math..well..i still blur blur..
surely i understand..WITH pake's help..
sue yi too..hmm
i kinda pity pak..when she finish teaching sue yi..
then need to teach me again..XD
pak you know la..me and sue yi weak at the subject..
you must be patient to help us..that will help yourself too~
that's what teacher said..XP
after that..
sejarah..pn siti hawa is my sej teacher..
luckily it's not fei ji..
give her teach bm is enough for us to suffer..
plus sej..=.=!
teacher said all about form1 and form2 thingy...
form1..all i forget already..
form2..not very understand..
form1 rubbish teacher..form 2..more than half year no teacher
it's totally disaster!..
when teacher ask the question..
no one knows the answer..
she also asked last year how many people get A..
but there no even one single person get A...==
then homework again!..
thursday the worst..
im will be extremely extremely tire..
after school then got music class..
after that got tuition at vel there at4 till 6..
after that tuition at chong there from 7 to 9!..
then night still got to do homeworks..><

01 January 2010


Happy new year everyone!
yesterday night went out countdown at broadway with my sis gang..
we reach there at 9+..
then gossiping..
and walked to yin jou's house..
well..me,xinyi,chuan heng and shien shouted outside ms lim's(piano teacher) house..
that's the first time i saw she wear short pants and tie her hair..XDDD
then after we reach..sueyi sms me..==
not even 5min we seat..
then we went to the park first..
then bg...
that's the first time i ride wei yee's bf car..^^
nice car!..
then sueyi saw her the person she hate the most..
with his bf..
the one we talked at braodway..
after countdown...then we walked again to the park..==
i saw her!!!..
it's my first time!..but things getting weird..
they didn't talk..and she's so fierce!!..
then we played at park there till my dad come fetch me..
reach home at 1+

this year might be hard for me..
still long way to go..i just have to relax now..
the nightmare going to start soon..
school reopen soon..i miss my friend!..^^